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Unsolved Myesteries!!


* Roraima Mystery *

Roraima is a place little known to many researchers of the occult, although it is one of the world's
most facinating places, full of unsolved mysteries and phenomena.

Roraima is one of the biggest tepuyes t
hat stands in the Canaima National Park. His name,
according to the Indians Pemones means "Mother of Waters", may be because from its summit,
over 2,000 meters high, are falling several waterfalls.

The Pemones has a great respect and admiration for Roraima, but also a kind of fear for his twin
tepuy, wich is the one nobody dares to go: The Kukenán.

Some think that in the past, this tepuy was the place for tragic events, like the death of indian
warriors who prefered to jump off the top of Kukenán to continue living after losing a battle:
commiting suiciede for honor.

However, other legends say that tepuy killed in the past the indians. Some of these say that a beast or reptile-looking mosnter devoured men, women and children, until they recieved help from heaven and the Roraima to "cath him" in a rock and lock him into the Kukenán. Since then, nobody ever goes to disturb the Kukenán tepuy.

They have also spoke about the lights that are in the place, covering the beautiful sky and sometimes come down to pass between the two tepuyes (Roraima and Kukenán). For the Indians, both represent different energies. Kukenán would be the male side of the place, and Roraima, associated with water and purification, the female, the mother and the source of life.

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