miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

My School Memories

About my past, I can say that my happiest time was during my Junior and Senior years that I studied on the San Agustin School of Ciudad Ojeda, I had lot of friends in there, my favorite subject was Maths because I loved my teacher Manuela; I also liked Earth Science.

I used play on the Bascket, Soccer and Kickingball Team. It was a very very tough school, so I had to get excelent califications. I loved it because they were really into the religious education.

I remember the teachers punished my class once, making us go to the school on Saturday and Sunday because we were very misbehave. That time I had to look at some shark book to just make time go faster... and I realized that they are fierce animals so my jaw was almost on the floor after I saw the bite of those animals....

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