sábado, 9 de octubre de 2010

Some Food!

I'm a junk food fan! I love a big hamburger with french fries and a gigant coke, so I am going to compare two of the most famous restaurants of fast food in most of the cities arround the world.

First: Hamburgers

These are the main dish, they have to be the greatest just to call more people to the restaurants. In my opinion the McDonal's hamburgers are smaller than Wendy's, the bread of Wendy's hamburgers is softer than the bread thy use in McDonald's. Plus that the vegetables of Wendy's hamburguers are more fresh than McDonald's vegetables. Besides the preview I have to say that McDonald's meat is saltier and I love the salty food, so I don't have a favorite here, I eat both kinds of hamburgers because both are great!

Second: French Fries

French fries are the best, with ketchup or without ketchup everybody loves french fries. Wendy's french fries are softer than McDonalds, but McDonal's french fries are saltier. The french fries of Wendy's are bigger, McDonald's are thinner. Both are good but the Wendy's are the greatest french fries I ever tasted in may life.

Third: Ice Cream

The dessert is important for every kind of food and these two restaurants has a big gamma of Ice Creams for desserts. The Mcdonald's ice creams are creamier than Wendy's ice creams. McDonald's has more variety of toppings for their ice creams they sell than Wendy's. Most important than alla McDonald's ice creams are sweeter than Wendy's ice creams.

Plus all these, we have to talk about prices, and even there Wendy's keep winning because is cheapper than Mcdonald's, so where will you buy your next hamburger, fenc fries or ice cream the next time??

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