miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

Most Important People in my Life

They are the most important people in my life: first of all my family.

My father is Neilo Molero, he is an extraordinary worker, he has a little farm so he is a very strong man. When I was a kid we used to go out on weekend to the movies, we used to surprise each other with presents in our birthday. He taught me to dance, to swim and to be strict everytime I have to. He loves his grandauhters and has always been there to help us all the time. I love him!!

My mother is Carmen, she is devout catholic and a dedicated mother and grandmother. She taught me to read, how to cook and how to make up for each ocassion. She is wonderful, a beautiful woman who has taught me to be hard worker and constant in every single aspect of my life.

Fourteen years ago I recieved (like people says) the biggest gift that a woman might ever recieve, I bith my Sara Patricia who is my older dauthter, a excelent teenager student, pretty as her mom (hahahaha). Patty has became a little woman, he can be a little temperamental, like any normal teenager, but she still my little baby. A few years latter Samatha came to our lifes, she is my youngest dauther. Sammy is a very funny and crazy girl, she likes to do such a things, she always make as laught doesn't metter the place. She is a very smart little girl and of course, beatiful as mommy.

After them, but not less important is my friend Victoria Mendez. She is a Law student like me, we met several moths ago and became pretty good friend almost inmediatly. Victoria is a very sweet girl she has been a great college and I'm completely sure that she will be one of the greatest lawers of the conuntry, because she is very commitment on her studies and she loves everything about laws.

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