jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

Our Project! "Maracaibo"

Student Life!


During our stendt life we always are looking for the best university just to start on the best way a professional carrer. So the first step is start a research about the Admission Proccess.

On URBE, the law school doesn't have an special admission process, otherwise Oxford University does because anyone who needs to apply for the law school must take the National Law Admission Test.

On URBE, we must pay our preinscription and then wait to make formaly the real inscription so we can start on the right period. On Oxford the pre-inscription doesn't exist, they go straight to the inscription process... And after those simple steps we all can start our unversirary life !!

viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010


Talking about trends on Venezuela we have to start talking about young people who have a singular trend about jeans. In the past all of the young people used to wear common jeans and combined it with T-Shirts. But these days, most of the young people likes to wear the skinny jeans and combine it with T-Shirts, Shirts and even formal clothes.

Another notorius trend on young people of Venezuela and I guess on the whole world, is the use of computers. In the past very few children could use the computers, but today many of children can use it to play, listen or download music, watch videos and even draw. Most of them teach their parent how to use the computers so we can see the way they have evolved in comparission of children from other ages.

Now, talking about older people... The families of the past Venezuela used to have many children, otherwise, these days families preffer to have few children because of the expensive life we are living. And because of that more than we haver more than half of our moms working and taking care of children. Plus that several of elderly people are working on any informal commerce form.

There are many differences between the Venezuelans of a decade ago and the Venezuelans of these days, the trends have change because of society changes, economy change and the whole world changes too.

sábado, 30 de octubre de 2010

Unsolved Myesteries!!


* Roraima Mystery *

Roraima is a place little known to many researchers of the occult, although it is one of the world's
most facinating places, full of unsolved mysteries and phenomena.

Roraima is one of the biggest tepuyes t
hat stands in the Canaima National Park. His name,
according to the Indians Pemones means "Mother of Waters", may be because from its summit,
over 2,000 meters high, are falling several waterfalls.

The Pemones has a great respect and admiration for Roraima, but also a kind of fear for his twin
tepuy, wich is the one nobody dares to go: The Kukenán.

Some think that in the past, this tepuy was the place for tragic events, like the death of indian
warriors who prefered to jump off the top of Kukenán to continue living after losing a battle:
commiting suiciede for honor.

However, other legends say that tepuy killed in the past the indians. Some of these say that a beast or reptile-looking mosnter devoured men, women and children, until they recieved help from heaven and the Roraima to "cath him" in a rock and lock him into the Kukenán. Since then, nobody ever goes to disturb the Kukenán tepuy.

They have also spoke about the lights that are in the place, covering the beautiful sky and sometimes come down to pass between the two tepuyes (Roraima and Kukenán). For the Indians, both represent different energies. Kukenán would be the male side of the place, and Roraima, associated with water and purification, the female, the mother and the source of life.

sábado, 9 de octubre de 2010

Some Food!

I'm a junk food fan! I love a big hamburger with french fries and a gigant coke, so I am going to compare two of the most famous restaurants of fast food in most of the cities arround the world.

First: Hamburgers

These are the main dish, they have to be the greatest just to call more people to the restaurants. In my opinion the McDonal's hamburgers are smaller than Wendy's, the bread of Wendy's hamburgers is softer than the bread thy use in McDonald's. Plus that the vegetables of Wendy's hamburguers are more fresh than McDonald's vegetables. Besides the preview I have to say that McDonald's meat is saltier and I love the salty food, so I don't have a favorite here, I eat both kinds of hamburgers because both are great!

Second: French Fries

French fries are the best, with ketchup or without ketchup everybody loves french fries. Wendy's french fries are softer than McDonalds, but McDonal's french fries are saltier. The french fries of Wendy's are bigger, McDonald's are thinner. Both are good but the Wendy's are the greatest french fries I ever tasted in may life.

Third: Ice Cream

The dessert is important for every kind of food and these two restaurants has a big gamma of Ice Creams for desserts. The Mcdonald's ice creams are creamier than Wendy's ice creams. McDonald's has more variety of toppings for their ice creams they sell than Wendy's. Most important than alla McDonald's ice creams are sweeter than Wendy's ice creams.

Plus all these, we have to talk about prices, and even there Wendy's keep winning because is cheapper than Mcdonald's, so where will you buy your next hamburger, fenc fries or ice cream the next time??

miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

Most Important People in my Life

They are the most important people in my life: first of all my family.

My father is Neilo Molero, he is an extraordinary worker, he has a little farm so he is a very strong man. When I was a kid we used to go out on weekend to the movies, we used to surprise each other with presents in our birthday. He taught me to dance, to swim and to be strict everytime I have to. He loves his grandauhters and has always been there to help us all the time. I love him!!

My mother is Carmen, she is devout catholic and a dedicated mother and grandmother. She taught me to read, how to cook and how to make up for each ocassion. She is wonderful, a beautiful woman who has taught me to be hard worker and constant in every single aspect of my life.

Fourteen years ago I recieved (like people says) the biggest gift that a woman might ever recieve, I bith my Sara Patricia who is my older dauthter, a excelent teenager student, pretty as her mom (hahahaha). Patty has became a little woman, he can be a little temperamental, like any normal teenager, but she still my little baby. A few years latter Samatha came to our lifes, she is my youngest dauther. Sammy is a very funny and crazy girl, she likes to do such a things, she always make as laught doesn't metter the place. She is a very smart little girl and of course, beatiful as mommy.

After them, but not less important is my friend Victoria Mendez. She is a Law student like me, we met several moths ago and became pretty good friend almost inmediatly. Victoria is a very sweet girl she has been a great college and I'm completely sure that she will be one of the greatest lawers of the conuntry, because she is very commitment on her studies and she loves everything about laws.

My School Memories

About my past, I can say that my happiest time was during my Junior and Senior years that I studied on the San Agustin School of Ciudad Ojeda, I had lot of friends in there, my favorite subject was Maths because I loved my teacher Manuela; I also liked Earth Science.

I used play on the Bascket, Soccer and Kickingball Team. It was a very very tough school, so I had to get excelent califications. I loved it because they were really into the religious education.

I remember the teachers punished my class once, making us go to the school on Saturday and Sunday because we were very misbehave. That time I had to look at some shark book to just make time go faster... and I realized that they are fierce animals so my jaw was almost on the floor after I saw the bite of those animals....