viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010


Talking about trends on Venezuela we have to start talking about young people who have a singular trend about jeans. In the past all of the young people used to wear common jeans and combined it with T-Shirts. But these days, most of the young people likes to wear the skinny jeans and combine it with T-Shirts, Shirts and even formal clothes.

Another notorius trend on young people of Venezuela and I guess on the whole world, is the use of computers. In the past very few children could use the computers, but today many of children can use it to play, listen or download music, watch videos and even draw. Most of them teach their parent how to use the computers so we can see the way they have evolved in comparission of children from other ages.

Now, talking about older people... The families of the past Venezuela used to have many children, otherwise, these days families preffer to have few children because of the expensive life we are living. And because of that more than we haver more than half of our moms working and taking care of children. Plus that several of elderly people are working on any informal commerce form.

There are many differences between the Venezuelans of a decade ago and the Venezuelans of these days, the trends have change because of society changes, economy change and the whole world changes too.

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